FICO Score, VantageScore, Credit Score: What's the Difference?

FICO Score, VantageScore, Credit Score: What's the Difference?
In late March, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFPB, slapped the credit-rating agency Experian for what it says, with a $3 million fine was. But in its marketing, it was hawked by Experian as the same score lenders use to generate decisions about creditworthiness.
Here's the truth: You do not just have one credit score.
Yes, it is a total "clusterjam," to put it politely.
Here's what to know about a few of the major iterations of credit scores available and the best way to determine your credit health amid every one of the confusion.
FICO Score. When many people envision their credit score, they are actually picturing the FICO Score of Fair Isaac Corporation.
Your base FICO Score can range between 300 and 850, with a higher score. Based on FICO, its credit scores are used by 90 percent of top lenders to determine credit risk.

To help consumers decode their score, FICO publishes a chart by …

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